At St. Paul's, we believe in serving people to make our communities a better place. Every month our church members are encouraged to get involved in outreach in our community in one of two ways, either giving or serving. Each month our outreach coordinators, Amanda and Doug Talk, provide our congregation with opportunities to give and serve. 
Serving in March - Helping Members of Our Church Family

This Saturday, March 18th, at 9:00am St. Paul’s will meet at the home of Joan Stovall.  Fr Rob has met with her family and has found several small projects ~ and one big one ~ that would renew Joan’s yard for her this spring.
Please take a moment to read through the projects and then signup on our website (Ministries – Outreach) to volunteer your time for one to two hours.   
  • Tear out a dead bush ~ either trim to stump then shovel out root bulb or chainsaw. Items needed: hedge shears, shovel, chainsaw, topsoil to fill hole, gloves
  • Plant flowers outside front door ~ family will purchase the flowers ~ Items needed: hoe, trowel, potting soil, topsoil, mulch, gloves
  • Shape shabby bushes ~ Items needed: hedge clippers, gloves
  • Pick fruit from orange tree ~ Items needed: bucket, gloves
  • Cover backyard trellis to provide shade for outdoor time ~ Items needed: sun shade cloth with tie downs, ladder, gloves
  • And the Big One! Create a backyard path ~ Items needed: paving stones (approx. 50), leveling sand, wheelbarrow, shovel, gloves; Fr. Rob has pounding tool.

Please call the church office for Joan's address if you need it.

Please fill out the online form below so we have an idea of how many people to expect!

Volunteer Information

Giving in March - Yard Tools
Please support our volunteers by lending your yard tools on Saturday March 18 so we can help members of our church community who need help.
Possible items to lend include:
Lawn mowers & trimmers
Hedge Clippers
Trash bags and leaf bags
Work gloves
Face masks
Need More Information?
If you have questions or need more information please contact the St. Paul's Anglican Church office at (559) 732-4821 or contact Pastor John Iseman at